Sunday, 18 July 2010

The backpack is packed

Last Friday I boxed up my backpack, hiking boots, walking poles etc. It could only mean one thing - after months of waiting we are finally moving house.

Only the day before it seemed like our first house purchase was going to fall through when on the very wet and windy summit of Middleton Fell I received a call from my solicitor advising that things were not looking good.

On Middleton Fell shortly before getting the call from my solicitor

As the weather began to improve then so did the prospects of a succesful resolution to the latest problem with the house purchase and after several calls on our descent into Ashdale Gill I was feeling slightly more confident. Later - while we were driving back to Gargrave Matt took a call from Lisa with the news that contracts had finally been exchanged.

Matt descending into Ashdale Gill
I'd been packing on and off for weeks but obviously my walking gear was going to be one of the last thins to be boxed up. Hopefully it won't be too long before they see the light of day again!